Background & Licensing

How comes GrapheneOS people find themselves in situations like these often?

Their software is all permissively licensed, allowing vendors to make it proprietary. Mainly though, they allow them to restrict user freedoms by not allowing to install another OS than GrapheneOS (which is the most secure OS anyways).

Cryptographic verification of the OS can be done with the Auditor, you dont need to reinstall to verify it is not malware.

Still, they contact stores that sell end of life or insecure phones, to stop doing this under their name.

PrivatePhoneShop sold devices as old as the Pixel 4a with GrapheneOS.

Is an EOL phone not secure?

I have a pixel 4a and GrapheneOS is awesome, I still get security updates at least as frequent as normally on LineageOS. But it is end of life, meaning Google and the hardware suppliers dont support it anymore. This means

  • firmware issues of any kind will not be fixed (the vendor needs to sign the firmware, this is not possible for anyone else)
  • the kernel, specificically patched for this device, will not be upgraded to the next LTS kernel, thus losing support in a while. This would be possible, but is immense efford without Google doing it upstream in AOSP.


Following the Mastodon post, you can see "privatephoneshop"s selection. They sell devices that are not cheap, but pretty cheap.

Ease of Installation by yourself

You can buy a used Pixel 7 for that price and flash GrapheneOS easily, using the webinstaller, even from another Android phone, with zero Terminal knowledge needed.

CalyxOS and LineageOS

PrivatePhoneShop sells devices with CalyxOS, which is a lot less secure in its architecture, and delivers slower security updates. It is less secure, because their webview is not as hardened, they dont use hardened_malloc, they preinstall random 3rd party apps etc.

LineageOS is not privacy hardened at all. It may now be degoogled, after GrapheneOS’s effords to replace every connection to Google, even for Widevine DRM or A-GPS (SUPL) with at least their selfhosted proxy servers, stripping sensible data.

Only DivestOS can be assumed as reasonably secure, implementing sandboxed microG and other important architectural security measurements. GrapheneOS recommends DivestOS if your device is EOL or not supported.

So the store is selling phones with insecure software, that are also past or near the end of support by upstream.

Background on Android updates

There is no phone company that supplies as fast and complete security updates as Google. Google publishes recommender AOSP security patches, and a complete set. Pixel phones get all of them, while most other cheaply made devices struggle to even get the recommended ones.

GrapheneOS has updates about once a week, which is insanely good.

Btw, Fairphone plays in the same bad league as the cheap manifacturers, getting only the minimal amount of updates.


Google Pixel phones are not just a choice because GrapheneOS devs love Google. They are the only phones that meet their security requirements

Since they expanded their security fixes, like implementing a way to disable the USB port (which involved a ton of lowlevel work and is more secure than what Android ever shipped), this list is a bit long.

But even the minimum requirements are not fulfilled. Samsung is close, but security features like verified and measured boot are arbitrarily blocked for external operating systems.

Debates & Harrassment

I only focus on this case now. GrapheneOS transparently asked them to stop selling EOL devices under their name.

Maybe they also asked to stop selling CalyxOS and LineageOS devices along with them, but “privatephoneshop” didnt give any evidence for that.

As a response, “privatephoneshop” posted this joke explanation

While GrapheneOS remains a top choice for security and privacy, we feel the toxic nature of its founder (and specifically his attacks on our business) no longer make GrapheneOS a viable choice.

For YOU, because you scam people. LOL

Early in November, GrapheneOS sent us a message on X (fka Twitter) stating they did not approve of our selling older phones such as the Pixel 4a with GrapheneOS, nor did they approve of our offering CalyxOS as a choice. Having previously seen how a typical conversation with GrapheneOS goes (more on that below), we blocked them.

Wow. Does this need any explanations?

But it gets better:

Why we sell older phones like the Pixel 4a

  • Not everyone can afford a newer phone.

You sell outdated devices for up to 650$. People can buy used Pixel 7 phones on eBay for like 200$. You can do that too. Sell refurbished ones, better than insecure ones. Repairing pixels is easy (in contrast to repairing OnePlus phones, wtf OnePlus).

  • Not everyone wants a phone made by google.

LOL. I think I explained why this is not some fanboy choice.

  • Not everyone wants a 5G phone.

What? You can just disable 5G in the settings to my knowledge. Also, WIFI is always using something similar to 5G.

These are fake arguments, hiding behind esotheric misinformed people.

  • Not everyone wants a large phone.

Very understandable, I miss my (honestly underpowered) Pixel 4a, also for the headphone jack. But this is a tradeoff, if you sell “privacy phones”.

There is no privacy if you can get hacked.

  • Everyone has a right to the level of privacy and security that they desire.

So, sell refurbished phones or upload instructions yourself on how to do it yourself.


I honestly think GrapheneOS should switch to a license that actually gives them some teeth. Bitching around back and forth on “social media” sounds like a pretty annoying thing to do apart from delivering the most secure OS on the phone market.

I am also very unhappy about Louis Rossman and Techlore for spreading bad opinions on them.

Yes, the devs can be harsh, yes they are sometimes a bit annoying. But look at their Github issues!, 500 open, over 2,5k closed!

They do free Software that helps anyone to be as private and secure as possible. They are a blessing for our world. Please donate to them, as they are doing an incredible job.

Btw, they are also against Nazis.