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  • It is true that there is toxicity and arrogance among these people. I can forgive them because

    1. They are right (and even if I think they are not, they know more about it so I couldnt out-argument them)
    2. They work on a FOSS OS that is extremely secure and private. Literally doing the most important work, protecting vulnerable people etc.
    3. They need to fight against misinformation every day. The amount of noobs on their forum is pretty insane, and a lot of companies and other projects spread misinformation, sell near-EOL or already EOL devices etc.

    CalyxOS is way less secure, in a lot of parts. It is mainly just LineageOS.

  • Android is pretty secure. The kernel is highly stripped down, so it is more like a microkernel. Like, removing support for most filesystems etc.

    They also moved a ton of things into userspace, I think their entire filesystem uses fuse.

    Android is really good.

    But still, LineageOS may implement all the minimum AOSP patches. But Google Pixel phones get more than those.

    And monthly is of course slower than weekly, bjt expected if you support such a vast range of devices.

    Then the issue of course is, is the firmware still supported? Where do the kernels come from?

    These are likely out of reach for the devs.

    Also, their OS is very generic, just AOSP with mostly cosmetic changes.

    Where GrapheneOS implements tons of deep modifications, which makes updates and maintenance a bigger task. These features also cause more bugs which need fixing.