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  • The greatest tower defense game ever made, really. It’s seriously impressive how it appeals to very casual users and the most extreme fans that want a challenge. I also really respect that, while the game has some mictrotransactions, you can’t use any of them on the hardest difficulty.

  • I understand that with wine/proton prefixes they should be installed to a “fake c:/ windows hierarchy” can I just compress that and copy to a different Linux machine?

    Yup, your save games are in your wine prefix so feel free to back them up and just use them again. Note that the game itself isn’t necessarily in the prefix, you could have installed it elsewhere.

    Does it save which proton version was used?

    I don’t think so, but it shouldn’t matter. You can change versions any time and it’ll just update your prefix.

    If I use something like Lutris or bottles can I import into them?

    Yes, you can set the prefix path to that folder you copied and it should pick up where you left things.

  • I haven’t had much issue with him. Using heavy weapons every attack staggers him, so you can pretty much stunlock him. Running right or left dodges most of his projectiles, his only dangerous attack is when he summons the fat enemy.

    You can ignore his summons, they go away after some time. Just rush the boss down.